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GerminaR is a platform base in open source R package to calculate and graphic the main germination indices. GerminaR include a web application called “GerminQuant for R” for interactive analysis.


You can install the released version of GerminaR from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

if (!require("remotes"))

GerminaQuant app


If is the first time running the app you should install the app dependencies, including the following argument:

GerminaR::GerminaQuant(dependencies = TRUE)

After install the package and the app dependencies you can access to the app through the Addins list in Rstudio, or in the following link in the internet


Lozano-Isla, Flavio; Benites-Alfaro, Omar Eduardo; Pompelli, Marcelo Francisco (2019). GerminaR: An R package for germination analysis with the interactive web application “GerminaQuant for R.” Ecological Research, 34(2), 339–346.